Begin with the end in mind.

Marathon runners plan their training around a (major!) end goal. For all projects—whether content creation or marketing strategy—we always begin mindful of the final product. Determining the business goals we are supporting and identifying how to achieve them is key to delivering our best work. The more details available to us at the beginning, the better the results will be!

Lace up those sneaks, it’s time to hit the pavement.

Content Creation

Silverbrook Marketing creates the content you need to achieve your marketing goals. We work in collaboration with our clients, and the end result is magic. More than 20 years of experience guides us, but we don’t dwell in the past. We are constantly researching today’s marketing trends and delivering that insight to you.

Our content creation services include:

  • SEO copywriting for blogs, websites, ebooks, and other digital marketing
  • Design concepts for programs and events
  • Branding and identity development
  • Creating email marketing sequences
  • Editing and proofreading for magazines and other publications
  • Social media campaign content, both copy and design

Each client and situation is unique, and we’re flexible in offering solutions. We also offer tactical marketing packages: choose from 5, 8, 12, or 15 hours per week of content that will drive your message and reach your audience. Packages include items like blog posts, social media graphics and captions, email marketing templates, infographics, analytics reporting, and more.

Marketing Strategy

Sometimes, you need a fresh set of eyes. Silverbrook Marketing can perform a marketing audit to evaluate what you’ve got, how well it’s working, and what it’s costing you.

Already have your brand figured out? Then it’s time for leadership. Often, a company has existing marketing support performing tactical duties. What’s missing is the strategic guidance to stretch your marketing (and salary) dollars further and maximize the effectiveness of your efforts.

We provide that strategic guidance, following the company’s existing strategic marketing plan. Don’t have one? Then that’s the first thing we will develop together! We’ll dive in to discover the overarching goals of the business and the identity of the brand. Next, we perform the marketing audit to see what’s on track and what isn’t. Then, we outline guiding points and develop tactical blueprints that instruct future marketing efforts.

Once a strategic marketing plan is in place, our role becomes managerial in nature. Enter Silverbrook’s fractional CMO solutions. We manage your “doers” and coach them to follow best practices while keeping your branding in mind.

Managing teams requires three main things: access, organization, and empathy. These are at the heart of our leadership style and the basis for our everyday communications. 

  • We use technology to help us stay organized and transparent, allowing everyone to be on the same page.
  • We provide communication channels that allow for fast responses to team questions.
  • And above all else, we practice empathy in all our relationships (and expect others to do the same).
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